Replicas and jewellery

Egyptian replicasEgyptian replicas
Egyptian replicasEgyptian replicas
Jewellery from the Museum shopJewellery from the Museum shop

Small replicas

The museum shop sells small replicas for a small price. Think for example of Roman coins or Egyptian sculptures of a hippo, Bastet the goddess with the feline head, the god Anubis, a scarab.

Large replicas

You can also buy larger replicas in the museum shop. The range includes busts and stèles (decorated tombstones) from ancient Egypt and the Greek and Roman era. Most replicas are depictions of famous objects from renowned museums such as the British Museum and Louvre. You can also purchase the bust Nefertiti from the Staatliche Museen in Berlin in the museum shop.


Of course, the Museum shop cannot do without jewellery. You have a choice of different types of jewellery from different cultures. The prices also range. The Museum shop offers Egyptian earrings made of lapis-lazuli, small silver Egyptian figurines (for example deities or scarab beetles) and gold-plated Ankh earrings, for example. You can buy a Greek bracelet or a Roman necklace.

The jewellery in the Museum shop was made by the British Museum, Reunion National Musée, Metropolitan and Petra Waszak.

Please note: Most of the jewellery and replicas are in limited supply. A replica or jewellery might be temporarily out of stock.