Helbertijn Krudop (photo: Rob Overmeer)Helbertijn Krudop (photo: Rob Overmeer)

Drs. Helbertijn Krudop


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Helbertijn Krudop (b. 1984) studied art history at the University of Leiden, specialising in the applied arts and oriental influences in this field. After her graduation in Leiden she started on a minor, and subsequently a Master’s course in 'Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage' at the University of Amsterdam, specialising in wood, furniture, and gilded objects. She completed her Master’s degree with a study on the construction of eighteenth-century rococo chests of drawers. Despite the obvious differences between appearance and execution, she still derives benefit from this background when studying Egyptian wooden constructions. Krudop completed her studies at the University of Amsterdam with a two-year post-initial phase, during which she worked on commissions for the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE), Artis Library (UvA Special Collections), and the Lutheran diaconate of Amsterdam, also working as an intern at Het Loo Palace and the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France (C2RMF) in the Louvre.

Since September 2014 Krudop has worked as a conservator at the National Museum of Antiquities, where she is responsible for organic materials (textiles, papyrus, leather, bone, wood etc.). Her own work is primarily with painted wood, with a special focus on the Egyptian collection. Overarching themes within her recent research and conservation projects include the restoration history of the museum’s Egyptian collection, old restoration materials, and the ethics of restoration over the years. Her other fields of special interest include neo-styles and the 19th-century reception of antiquity.

Primary resaerch projects

  • The mummy coffin of Peftjauneith (AMM 5-e): aspects of production, restoration history and current scope for restoration. This mummy coffin was restored in 2015 and is now on display in the permanent Egypt exhibition.
  • The cartonnage case of Panesy (L.XII.3-c): research preparatory to treatment for the exhibition Egypt, Land of immortality (Spring–summer 2016).
  • The coffin set of Khonsuemma’akheru: mummy, cartonnage, and mummy chest. Research preparatory to planned treatment for the long-term loan to the Allard Pierson Museum (summer 2017). 

Representative exhibitions

each of these exhibitions involved major restoration and/or installation projects.