Form Against Time: Ceramics by Martin McWilliam

24 March until 18 September 2011

Form Against TimeForm Against Time
Ceramic by Martin McWilliamCeramic by Martin McWilliam
Ceramic by Martin McWilliamCeramic by Martin McWilliam
Ceramic by Martin McWilliamCeramic by Martin McWilliam
Ceramic by Martin McWilliamCeramic by Martin McWilliam

Ceramics by Martin McWilliam, 2000-2010

Eighteen impressive works by the internationally acclaimed artist Martin McWilliam express a surprising, contemporary vision of ceramics, an art central to all eras and cultures. McWilliam transforms the most basic forms, the bowl and the vase, into utterly original designs. His nearly flat objects create the illusion of being fully three-dimensional.

Ancient formal vocabularies and techniques

Contemporary artists often seek inspiration in ancient formal vocabularies and techniques. Ideas take on new life in unconventional techniques and materials, or through traditional methods. For example, McWilliam's creations are shaped and fired by hand, without the aid of modern technology - just like the vessels in the collection of the National Museum of Antiquities, which were handmade thousands of years ago.

Studio film

Following age-old traditions, McWilliam fires his latest creations twice a year for 24 hours in an enormous wood-burning kiln that he built himself. The exhibition includes a film of the artist at work in his studio, which covers the entire creative process.

Self-guided tour

The National Museum of Antiquities has produced a booklet (in Dutch) pointing the way to some of the finest vessels in our own collection. This richly illustrated guide highlights the most beautiful vessels in our permanent displays, with plenty of fascinating facts about the forms, production methods, and uses of ceramics in the many regions covered by the museum.

  • The booklet is available for €2.00 at the museum shop

You can find more information about Martin McWilliam and his work on his website. The idea for this exhibition emerged from an earlier partnership with Galerie Terra in Delft, where ceramics by Martin McWilliam will be exhibited and offered for sale from 24 September to 22 October 2011.

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