A coat

14 February until 21 May 2017

'Visible world''Visible world'
'Unbridled passions''Unbridled passions'
The artist Lux Buurman (photo: Karin Janssen)The artist Lux Buurman (photo: Karin Janssen)

I made my song a coat
covered with embroideries
out of old mythologies
from heel to throat…

These lines from the poem A Coat by the Irish poet W.B. Yeats (1865-1939) inspired the artist Lux Buurman to produce a series of nine paintings that took her five years to complete. Each painting shows a coat, or part of one, embroidered with magnificent scenes from Greek mythology.

Classical mythology

The paintings illuminate different facets of classical mythology: from untamed passions to miraculous births, from all-conquering love to light and beauty. Lux Buurman has a particular fondness for the myths, with their tales of mortal gods and familiar emotions.

An old raincoat

The coat in the paintings was modelled on an old raincoat belonging to Buurman’s daughter. The mythological motifs it displays have been borrowed from existing works, such as sculptures from antiquity and Renaissance paintings. The motifs have been rearranged, creating new stories and connections: imitatio et emulatio, imitation and emulation.

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You will find the paintings behind the Egyptian temple in the museum’s entrance hall.
This exhibition runs from 14 February to 11 June 2017.