Oceanus, 2nd century ADOceanus, 2nd century AD
Putti, 2nd century ADPutti, 2nd century AD
Fisherman, 2nd century ADFisherman, 2nd century AD


In Greek mythology, Oceanus is the god of the sea, and he lives in the ocean on the rim of the known world. He is married to the nymph Tethys, and their children are the seas, the rivers, the wells, and the springs. Because Oceanus was the father of all the water on earth, the Greeks regarded him as the progenitor of life.

Oceanus, two putti, and a fisherman

This small well-head is very appropriately decorated with the head of Oceanus. The god has a thick beard and long, damp hair from which two lobster claws protrude. On either side of his face, there are charming sea and riverside scenes. Two putti in a small boat are fishing with a net, and a lonely fisherman sits on a rock and casts his line into the river.

  • Material: marble
  • Date: 2nd century AD

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