Mummy cases in the Egyptian galleries (photo: Rob Overmeer)Mummy cases in the Egyptian galleries (photo: Rob Overmeer)
Statues in the Egyptian galleries (photo: Rob Overmeer)Statues in the Egyptian galleries (photo: Rob Overmeer)

New Egyptian galleries

The National Museum of Antiquities has opened the new permanent exhibition of its Egyptian collection, which ranks among the ten most important Egyptian collections in the world. More than 1,400 objects are on display in the redesigned Egyptian galleries, which cover the entire ground floor.

From highlight to highlight

The permanent exhibition is based on the highlights of the museum collection, which tell the story of ancient Egypt's fascinating culture. Although the galleries have been reorganized, you will of course find many old favourites: the double statue of Maya and Merit, the reliefs of General Horemheb, the mummy case of the priest Djedmontuiufankh, the pillars from the tombs of Ptahmes, the stone monuments from Abydos, the funerary chapel (mastaba) of Hetepheraket from Saqqara, and much more.

Crocodile mummy 'dissected'

One of the galleries offers an introduction to the history and topography of ancient Egypt from c. 10,000 BC to 1,000 AD. You can also explore galleries with themes like religion, the realm of the dead, and the excavation of the museum in Saqqara. And of course, plenty of attention is devoted to our famous collection of mummies and mummy cases. An interactive application lets you examine mummies from the collection yourself: on two touch screens, you can virtually dissect a three-metre-long crocodile mummy and the mummy of the priest Ankhhor and find out what lies beneath the wrappings.