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Drs. Wim Weijland
tel: +31 (0)71 516 3105
e-mail: w.weijland@rmo.nl

Educational background and career

Wim Weijland (b. 1966) has served as managing director of the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities since 2006. He studied art history at the Free University, Amsterdam, and worked during his student years for TV producers such as IDTV. From 2000 to 2006 he was the Head of Art & Culture at the AVRO broadcasting company. From the moment he switched from the media to the museum world he also became an active administrator.

Management of the museum

Weijland has always enjoyed trying to strike a balance between management – including financial management – and administration on the one hand, and creative, substantive and conceptual thinking on the other. At the National Museum of Antiquities, he works alongside two colleagues in the management team (Guus Waals and Lucas Petit), besides which several departments come under his direct responsibility: Education, PR, Communication & Marketing, Exhibition Project Leaders, and P&O.

Additional positions

Wim Weijland

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