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On this search page you can see around 70,000 objects from the collection of the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden. The data base is still expanding and contains objects from all collection areas of the museum: ancient Egypt, Classical World (Greeks, Romans, Etruscans), ancient Near East and the early Netherlands (until 1600 AD).

  • Collection data and images from the National Museum of Antiquities are freely available for re-use by developers under a Creative Commons license. Object descriptions (metadata) are available under a CC0 licence. The images (content) are made available under a CC BY licence.
  • The database is only available in Dutch. Use Dutch keywords for searching.
  • You can also search for bits/fragments of a word. Type these in the box ‘zoeken’ en type a * behind it, for example: mum*
  • Texts are taken from a scientific register and most require some subject knowledge. Some texts, or parts of texts, are written in English.