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Requesting items on loan: applications procedure

The National Museum of Antiquities has in its care a large collection of archaeological objects. The museum is happy to supply these objects on loan, especially since it could not possibly place its entire collection on display itself. In principle, only registered museums can receive items from the collection on loan, e.g. for exhibitions. Loans are subject to certain conditions.

Four months prior to the date on which the loan is to commence

Your written application for a loan must be submitted to the director Wim Weijland (071 – 5163 106, w.weijland@rmo.nl) no later than four months prior to the date on which the loan is to commence. Extensive loan applications should preferably be submitted even earlier, in view of the many preparatory activities that the museum will need to undertake: identifying the objects concerned in the storage facility, drawing up a contract for the loan, drawing up reports on the objects’ condition, restoring or stabilising objects, the production of special packaging and supports, planning transport, and so forth.

Information to be included with the application

Each application should be accompanied by the following information:

  • The reason for the loan (exhibition, long-term loan)
  • A specified list of objects with inventory numbers
  • The date on which the loan is to commence (e.g. exhibition opening date)
  • The date on which the loan is to end
  • The name of a contact in the museum or institution
  • A facility report for the museum or institution

If no facility report is available, or certain points of information are missing, the following should be included:

  • The location(s) for which the loan is destined (map, photographs)
  • Detailed information on the display case(s)
  • Detailed information on the way in which the object(s) is/are to be displayed
  • Security measures (burglary, fire etc.)
  • Climate data

After your application has been received

Within a month of receiving your application, the museum will inform you whether the loan has been approved. If it has been approved, you will also be notified of the conditions attached to the loan as regards matters such as transport, courier arrangements, security, climate conditions, and handling. The museum will also give you an estimate of the costs incurred for activities such as handling, insurance, and conservation.


For more information or questions about loan applications, please contact Robert Ritter, Loans Registrar and Collection Manager.

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