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Conservator ceramics, glass, stone

Drs. Renske Dooijes
tel: +31 (0)71 516 3152
e-mail: r.dooijes@rmo.nl

Educational background and career

Renske Dooijes (b. 1973) studied Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam. In 2000, she gained her Master’s degree with a study of antique repairs of pottery, marble, and bronze. She then trained as a restorer at the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency in Amsterdam, focusing on ceramics and glass. She completed her training in 2005, producing her final piece of research on the cleaning of plaster casts. In recent years she has often been involved with the archaeological fieldwork in Greece, Turkey and Syria, assuming responsibility as a restorer for field preservation in general and in particular in the restoration of low-fired prehistoric pottery and the production of moulds.


Besides her work as conservator (both at the museum and in her own company), Dooijes conducts research on the history of restoration. She is particularly interested in techniques of antique restorations and the social significance of these restorations to archaeological objects. Another research project examines (largely) 19th-century restorations, many of them performed on objects from the museum’s own collection. She studies the international development of the field and ideas of restoration among different ethnic groups throughout history. She has also studied the perception of antiquity in the 19th century and the way in which it influenced the execution of restorations.


Key research projects

Representative exhibitions

Major restoration and installation projects were carried out in relation to all these exhibitions.

Renske Dooijes


Recent conferences and lectures

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