Curator Egyptian Collections

Dr. Daniel Soliman
tel: +31 (0)71 5163 155

Educational background and research

Daniel Soliman (b. 1985) studied Egyptology at the University of Leiden, where he researched sculpture of the late Middle Kingdom during MA programme. He participated in excavations in Saqqara and Abydos. In 2016, Soliman obtained his PhD at Leiden with a dissertation on identity marks and literacy in the community of necropolis workmen at Deir el-Medina. He then worked as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Copenhagen within a research project on the economy and administration of monumental tomb building during the New Kingdom. In 2018–2019, Soliman contributed to a research project at the British Museum on the trade in illegal antiquities and to the creation of a research database with pharaonic artefacts in private collections.


  • Sculpture from the Middle and New Kingdom
  • Social and administrative aspects of the New Kingdom, and Deir el-Medina in particular
  • The art market and the trade in pharaonic antiquities

Research projects

  • Identity marks and literacy in Deir el-Medina (2011–2015)
  • Tomb construction in New Kingdom Egypt (2015–2018)
  • Circulating Artefacts (2018–2019)
Daniel Soliman

Selected publications

Edited works

  • 2020 Soliman, D. en Van der Zon, T., Textiel uit Egypte (Leiden).
  • 2018 Haring, B.J.J., Moezel, K. van der, and Soliman, D. (eds), Decoding Signs of Identity. Egyptian Workmen’s Marks in archaeological, historical, comparative and theoretical perspective. Egyptologische Uitgaven 32 (Leiden).
  • 2011 Horn, M., Hoven, C. van den, Kramer, J., Soliman, D., Staring, N.T.B. and Weiss, L. (eds), Current Research in Egyptology 2010. Proceedings of the eleventh annual symposium which took place at Leiden University, The Netherlands, 5-8 January 2010 (Oxford).


  • 2020 Soliman, D., ‘At the Hands of Senwosret III? The Iconography and Style of the Reworked Colossi Cairo JE 45975 and JE 45976JEA.
  • 2019 Soliman, D., ‘Ostraca with Identity Marks and the Organisation of the Royal Necropolis Workmen of the 18th DynastyBIFAO 118.
  • 2018 Gabler, K. and Soliman, D., ‘P. Turin Provv. 3581: An 18th Dynasty Letter from the Valley of the Queens in Context’ RdME 2.
  • 2018 Soliman, D., ‘Duty rosters and delivery records composed with marks and their relation to the written administration of Deir el-Medina’ in: Haring, B.J.J., Moezel, K. van der and Soliman, D. and (eds), Decoding Signs of Identity. Egyptian Workmen’s Marks in archaeological, historical, comparative and theoretical perspective. Egyptologische Uitgaven 32 (Leiden) 155-189.
  • 2015 Soliman, D., ‘Workmen’s marks in pre-Amarna tombs at Deir el-Medina’ in: Budka, J., Kammerzell, F. and Rzepka, S., (eds), Non-Textual Marking Systems in Ancient Egypt (and Elsewhere). Lingua Aegyptia. Studia Monographica 16 (Hamburg) 109-132.
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  • 2013 Soliman, D., ‘The functional context of 18th Dynasty marks ostraca from the Theban Necropolis’, in: Graves, C., Heffernan, G., McGarrity, L., Millward, E. and Sfakianou Bealby, M., (eds), Current Research in Egyptology 2012. Proceedings of the thirteenth annual symposium (Birmingham) 157-180.


  • 2018 Hagen, F., with a contribution by Soliman, D., ‘Archives in Ancient Egypt, 2500-1000 BC’ in: Bausi, A., Brockmann, C., Friedrich, M. and Kienitz, S. (eds), Manuscripts and Archives. Comparative Views on Record-Keeping. Studies in Manuscript Cultures 10 (Berlin) 71-170. Contribution: 139-153.


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  • 2012 Soliman, D., review of Dorn, A., Arbeiterhütten im Tal der Könige: ein Beitrag zur altägyptischen Sozialgeschichte aufgrund von neuem Quellenmaterial aus der Mitte der 20. Dynastie (ca. 1150 v. Chr.). Aegyptiaca Helvetica 23 (Basel, 2011), BiOr 69, 483-488.

Other publications

  • 2017 Soliman, D., ‘The contextualisation of a tomb construction dossier from Saqqara’ Saqqara Newsletter 15, 32-38.
  • 2017 Soliman, D., ‘The Instruction for King Merikare’, in: Bagh, T. (ed), Pharaoh. The Face of Power (Copenhagen) 23-25.
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  • 2012 Soliman, D., ‘De iconografie en stijl van de koningssculptuur van de 2e Tussenperiode’, in: Koek, J. (ed.), Mehen: Essays over het oude Egypte [II] (Elst) 104-123.
  • 2011 Soliman, D., ‘De sculptuur van koning Sebekemzaf I’, Ta-Mery 4, 74-87.