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Open data on the museum collection

Collection data and images from the National Museum of Antiquities are freely available for re-use by developers under a Creative Commons license. Object descriptions (metadata) are available under a CC0 licence. The images (content) are made available under a CC BY licence. This means that you are permitted to copy, adapt, distribute, or perform this material without permission from the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities. We would appreciate being mentioned as the source of the material. The correct citation form is: National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden. We would also be very happy to hear about your uses of this material: website@rmo.nl.


An API is available for live search requests, and there is also access through OAI-PMH for synchronization of the entire database. Images can be provided in various formats.

Available fields (as relevant, in Dutch):

Afdeling Department of the museum
Afmetingenlabel Dimensions of the object
Beschrijving Description of the object
City City name
Gemeente Municipality
GeoString Country, province
Inventarisnummer Inventory number in the museum collection
Literatuur References to this object in the professional literature
Locatie Site where the object was found
Materiaal Material(s) of which the object is made
Objectnaam Type of object
Titel Title of the object
Verwerving How the museum acquired the object
Vindplaats Complete record of site where the object was found
europeana_object URL of thumbnail image
europeana_isShownBy URL of medium-sized image
europeana_isShownAt Deep link to the object on www.rmo.nl

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