Livestream tour of two museums

For whom?

Secondary school students


€110 per group (max. 30 students)


One lesson (approx. 45 minutes)

What can you expect?

During the Stone Age mystery in stereo livestream tour, your students visit two museums at the same time in two countries: the National Museum of Antiquities and the German Neanderthal Museum in Mettmann (near Düsseldorf). A museum teacher provides an interactive tour in each museum via a digital connection to the classroom. They take your students to the prehistoric world in which, for example, the Neanderthals Krijn and Mr. N. lived. What tools did they use? How did Neanderthals collect food? What weapons did they have for hunting? The tour guides show special prehistoric finds from both countries, and along the way they try to free everyone from the stereotypical ideas about Neanderthals.


  • By telephone via our service desk: 071 – 5163 163. You can book the livestream tour for Tuesday to Friday.

Online connections

For the online tour, we work with Zoom or Microsoft Teams. If necessary, other platforms can be considered.

Nederlandse Neanderthaler Krijn

The reconstructed face of the 'first Dutch Neanderthal' Krijn (photo © Servaas Neijens)