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Hori ; rechthoek staand ; kroonlijst ; piramidion

Hori ; rechthoek staand ; kroonlijst ; piramidion This stela is inscribed for a wab-priest and lector priest Hori, who served in the temple of Ptah (doubtless in Memphis). His wife Takatgeba bears the title of musician of Nebethetepet; the latter was originally a Heliopolitan goddess who was later equated with Hathor. The rectangular stela is topped by a pyramidion, carved with a djed-pillar adored by the deceased. On the cavetto cornice the name and title of Hori are inscribed five times. The stela itself is subdivided into three registers. Above the deceased and his parents are shown in adoration: on the left Hori in front of Ra-Horachte and on the right his parents in front of Osiris. The central scene shows Hori and his wife, sitting in front of an offering table while his son and three daughters present offerings. The lower scene shows a similar offering scene with two other sons and daughters. Finally, the left jamb contains an offering formula for Osiris, Ra-Horachte and Atum, the right jamb is dedicated to Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. Source: M.J. Raven/N. Staring, in: D. von Recklinghausen (red.), Ägyptische Mumien (Stuttgart 2007), ill. p. 10 and cat. 158


Inventarisnummer: AP 50
Afdeling: Egypte
Objectnaam: stèle
Materiaal: kalksteen
Afmetingen: 145 x 95 x 19 cm, 380kg
Periode: Nieuwe Rijk ; 19e Dynastie ca. 1250-1200 v. Chr.
Vindplaats: Egypte


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