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Mummie van Anamonnefneb met kralennet

Anamonnefneb ; wade ; kruisbanden ; kralennet The mummy has been wrapped in a shroud of vaguely reddish colour (warp-faced tabby weave, about 11 x 17 threads/cm2), which shows a fourfold self-band where it is tucked in under the feet. There is a wide gap along the centre of the back, through which one can see the regular transverse bandages of the layer underneath. The shroud is held in place by a number of straps of folded linen, 2.9-3.4 cm wide: around the head, hips, knees, and just above the ankles, with the diagonal bands of a stola over the torso. There are three windings of a broad bandage (6.0 cm wide) around the insteps, with one loop passing under the soles of the feet, likewise over the shroud. On top of the shroud lies a bead net of 151 cm long and 51.5 cm wide. It is mainly composed of blue faience cylinder beads (0.6 cm long), forming rhomboid cells, with blue twin rings on the crossings. The upper edge of the net has been reinforced by a triple border of ring beads, forming alternating strips of red, white, and blue. The lower edge has a fringe with tufts of two cylinders and a twin ring each. The following elements of bead mosaic have been inserted in the network: - a winged scarab on the throat (14 x 37.5 cm): beetle in black ring beads, with details in yellow, red, and green, on a white ground; inner zone of wings with lozenge patterns in blue, red, green, black and yellow; two ranges of feathers black, blue and green with red tips and white or yellow outlines; - a collar on the chest (12 x 24.5 cm): alternating ranges of blue and red cylinder beads (length 1.3 and 0.7 cm, respectively); - a winged goddess on the abdomen (16 x 26.5 cm): Hathor crown (cow horns and disk), wig and eye black, face yellow, neck and wings blue, green, yellow, red, and black, with feathers blue and black with red tips and white outlines; - four antithetic Sons of Horus on the thighs (h. 18 cm): wigs and eyes black, faces white or yellow, bodies with strips of blue, black, red and yellow; - a column of tekst on the lower legs (41.5 x 5.5 cm): hieroglyphs black, yellow, red and green on a blue and white ground, with edges in blue and red. Tekst: 'an offering which the King gives to Osiris, Lord of Aby[dos], may he grant a good burial.'


Inventarisnummer: AMM 1-d
Afdeling: Egypte
Objectnaam: mummie; man
Materiaal: mummie ; linnen ; faience
Periode: Late Periode; 25e-26e Dynastie; 700-650 v.Chr. 700-650 BC
Vindplaats: Egypte


Leemans, Description raisonnée (1840) M 31 Boeser, Catalogus (1907) E.XLIII.2 W.R. Gray, OMRO 47 (1966), nr. 19 M.J. Raven/W.K. Taconis, Egyptian mummies (Turnhout 2005), cat. 15 J. Hendriks/C. Huygens (red.), Schitterend sieraad (Leiden 2007), 4 100 topstukken van het RMO (Leiden 2009), 88-89 M.J. Raven, in: D. Magee/J. Bourriau/S. Quirke (red.), Studies Malek (Leuven 2009), 463-485, spec. 471-473 en photo 11 P. Giovetti/D. Picchi, Egitto splendore millenario (Bologna 2015), cat. VII.47

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