mens ; inscriptie ; Ipy

Egypte en Nubië
mens ; inscriptie ; Ipy The canopic jar must have been found in Ipy's tomb at Saqqara, which was found in the early 19th century but of which the exact location is no longer known. Ipy is a very well known person, who served as chief steward of Memphis during the reigns of Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV. He succeeded his father, also called Amenhotep, in this office. He is known to have lived in Amarna as well, where he also built a tomb, but apparently he returned to Memphis again after Akhenaten's death. This is one of two canopic jars in Leiden belonging to Ipy. Strangely, the head and the vase both mention another son of Horus. The inscription on the vase is an invocation to Amset, whereas the one on the head is dedicated to Kebehsenuef. The other jar shows the same error, as the vase is dedicated to Duamutef and the head to Amset. Probably this mistake was made by the 19th century art dealers or in the Leiden museum, since the plaster joining vase and lid apears to be modern. source: M.J. Raven/N. Staring, in: D. von Recklinghausen (red.), Ägyptische Mumien (Stuttgart 2007), cat. 72


Inventarisnummer: AAL 4d
Afdeling: Egypte en Nubië
Objectnaam: canope
Materiaal: albast
Afmetingen: 50 x 24 cm
Periode: Nieuwe Rijk ; 18e dynastie ; Amenhotep III 1390-1353 v.Chr.
Vindplaats: Egypte, Sakkara
Verwerving: aankoop 1829 januari


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