Curator collection Netherlands prehistory

Luc Amkreutz (photos: Rob Overmeer)Luc Amkreutz (photos: Rob Overmeer)

Dr. Luc W.S.W. Amkreutz

Curator collection Netherlands prehistory

Tel: +31 (0)71 5163 167
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Luc Amkreutz (1978) studied Prehistory at the University of Leiden. In 2004 he graduated with a study of the earliest farmers in the Netherlands (Linearbandkeramik) and their settlements along the river Meuse. From 2004 to 2008 he was involved in the Malta Harvest project  ‘From Hardinxveld to Noordhoorn - from Forager to Farmer', that, from a broad and multi-disciplinary perspective, analysed the Neolithisation process in the Lower Rhine Area. As part of this project, he focused particularly on the issue of the varying quality of Mesolithic and Neolithic sites and the socio-cultural changes in small-scale communities during the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. In 2013, he received his doctorate for Persistent Traditions. A long-term perspective on communities in the process of Neolithisation in the Lower Rhine Area (6000-2500 cal BC).

From 2008 onwards, Luc Amkreutz has also been involved in research regarding burial mounds, conducted at the Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden. At the end of 2010 the NWO-Odyssea research Back to the LBK': forgotten research into the linear bandkeramik culture was granted. The National Museum of Antiquities as well as the National Cultural Heritage Service (RCE), the Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden, commercial excavating company Archol and local authorities and amateurs cooperate in this project to enahnce our resolution on the settlement system of the earlierst farmers in the Netherlands. Early 2011 the museum opened the new permanent exhibition 'Archaeology of the Netherlands', offering a new perspective on 300.000 years of our history.

During his MA and PhD studies he took part in excavations and research into prehistoric sites from various periods (Palaeolithic to metal ages) in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, as well as in Jordan and the Caribbean.


  • Material culture of European Prehistory
  • Specialised knowledge of middle and early stone age (Mesolithic and Neolithic)
  • Theoretical and anthropological foundations with respect to prehistoric hunter-gathers and agricultural societies

Key research projects

  • The stone age of the Netherlands and North-western Europe
  • The transition from hunter-gatherers to farmers
  • The material culture and occupation history of the Linearbandkeramik in Limburg and adjacent Belgium and Germany

Relevant experience (in the field)

  • Veldwezelt, Colmont (Middle Palaeolithic); Elsloo, Sittard, Stein, Maastricht (Early Neolithic); Oss and environs, Leiden (metal ages, native Roman); France (Late Palaeolithic); Jordan (multi-period survey); Caribbean (pre-ceramic)
  • Organiser (in cooperation with): SOJA (Symposium on Research by Young Archaeologists), various workshops (Leiden University), Early Pottery in the Lower Rhine Area (Leiden University), Louwe Kooijmanslezing (Leiden University and National Museum of Antiquities)
  • Lectures in Leiden, Leuven, Amersfoort (NOaA), Amsterdam (INQUA)
  • Lectures at home and abroad (Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, England, Ireland, TAG and WAC)   

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