First Dorestad congress 2009

Poster Dorestad Congress 2009Poster Dorestad Congress 2009
Dorestad congress 2009: AudienceDorestad congress 2009: Audience
Dorestad congress 2009: Congress dinnerDorestad congress 2009: Congress dinner
Dorestad congress 2009: CrewDorestad congress 2009: Crew
Dorestad congress 2009: Excursion to UtrechtDorestad congress 2009: Excursion to Utrecht
Dorestad congress 2009: Keynote lectureDorestad congress 2009: Keynote lecture
Dorestad congress 2009: Lecture Ina IsingsDorestad congress 2009: Lecture Ina Isings
Dorestad congress 2009: Poster sessionDorestad congress 2009: Poster session
Dorestad congress 2009: Round table glass with Ina IsingsDorestad congress 2009: Round table glass with Ina Isings
Dorestad congress 2009: Round table on combsDorestad congress 2009: Round table on combs
Dorestad congress 2009: Visit to storeroomsDorestad congress 2009: Visit to storerooms

2009: Dorestad in an international framework

In 2009, the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden hosted the first large exhibition ever on Dorestad, the Carolingian emporium on the northern frontier of the Empire, in the middle of the present-day Netherlands, Dorestad: Medieval Metropolis.

Large-scale excavations

At the site of the present-day small town of Wijk bij Duurstede, not far from Utrecht, large-scale excavations in the 19th and 20th Century have revealed a large, wealthy and internationally orientated harbour town. Although a well-known site in an international perspective, information on Dorestad has never been accessible to either a broad public or the scientific community.

Congress with international scholars

Whereas the exhibition opened up Dorestad to a large audience (66,000 visitors), the attached Dorestad-congress brought together over international scholars on Dorestad and its network to open up debate again about the site, the town, its material culture and its role within the worldwide network of the Early Middle Ages.

Papers published

The papers from the first congress were published in 2010: A. Willemsen & H. Kik (red.), Dorestad in an international Framework, New Research on Centres of Trade and Coinage in Carolingian Times (Proceedings of the first 'Dorestad Congress' held at the National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden, June 24-27, 2009), Turnhout 2010.

Executed programme 2009
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Review of the volume 'first Dorestad congress' in Medieval Archaeology, 55, 2011 (page 355-356)
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Congress poster
Poster 'Dorestad congress 2009'
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