Archaeological Consultation

Roman helmetRoman helmet
  • For young and old
  • Every Wednesday afternoon
  • In the office building of the museum at Papengracht 30, Leiden
  • Kindly inform us of your visit in advance: 071 - 5163 163 


You can have archaeological finds and objects evaluated during the archaeological consulting hours. If you do not know how old an object is, where it came from, what its purpose was, or if you do not actually know what it is, you can ask the museum’s specialists for advice. The requirement is that the object comes from one of the following areas of the museum’s collections:

Note: let us know in advance that you are coming by phoning 071 - 5163 163! Then you will know for sure that the appropriate specialist is there.


You can have objects evaluated that you found in your garden, from an inheritance or that were discovered in your attic. Please remember that the museum is legally prohibited from conducting appraisals.
The museum’s specialists are experts on the prehistoric era to the end of the middle ages. If your object originates from later times or other areas, they can certainly refer you to the appropriate person or agency.

Reporting discoveries is mandatory

The discovery of an archaeological object must always be reported to the municipality, by the way. In larger cities, you can report this to the archaeological department. The report of discoveries is set out in law. This makes it possible to keep careful track of every trace of a city’s or village’s history.