Etruscan canopic jar (ca. 530 B.C.)Etruscan canopic jar (ca. 530 B.C.)

The National Museum of Antiquities has been an independent institution since 1995 that manages the archaeological portion of the national collection and has the duty to make this accessible to a large public. The museum has about sixty permanent or temporary employees.

The internal organisation of the museum is divided into management and two departments:

  • Direction and staff
  • Collections and Research Department
  • Finance, Business Administration and Public Service Department

Direction and staff

The management team, consisting of the director and the heads of the three departments, is responsible for day-to-day management.

The director leads the staff department that consists of employees from P&O, marketing, communications, presentations, education, fund raising and the office.

Collections and Research Department

The Collections and Research Department manages the collections. This occurs by means of the acquisition, storage and transport of objects, issue and applications for items on loan, preservation, restoration and registration. The six curators of the museum conduct scientific research into the collection and bear the substantive responsibility for presentations in the museum. The department also handles the management and accessibility of graphics archives for internal and external clients.

Finance, Business Administration and Public Service Department

The staff of the Finance, Business Administration and Public Service Department work behind the scenes at the museum to some degree. They are responsible for the management of the buildings, security, automation and financial administration. But they are also very visible sometimes: the public service handles the accompaniment of museum visitors, general provision of information and the organisation of public activities.