The jubilee route

Egyptian jewelry from General Djehoety Egyptian jewelry from General Djehoety

In 2018, some fifty objects in the museum are part of 'The jubilee route'. For all of 2018, these milestones have been marked with an interesting story or anecdote about the object in question. The stories are about the objects themselves or about their special role in the museum’s 200-year history. These stories combine to make up a 'red thread' through all the permanent exhibits in the museum. 

200 years of story material

In 2018 the National Museum of Antiquities is celebrating its 200th anniversary. These two centuries are full of material for fascinating stories, such as the Egyptian version of the Trojan Horse, a priest who melted down Etruscan figurines to make church bells, and a Greek grave relief that was rescued from the demolition debris of a 19th-century villa.

Prepare to be amazed

There is no prescribed route around the museum. Just set off and prepare to be amazed. You will automatically encounter the common theme in all the permanent exhibitions: Egypt, the Ancient Near East, the Classical World, and the Early History of the Netherlands.

NB For the visually impaired, a large-print version of the handout is available from the ticket desk.