Studio RMO

15 June 2017 until 2 September 2018

Studio RMOStudio RMO
Studio RMOStudio RMO


Studio RMO is a drawing studio where you can not only admire the art of the ancient Greeks but also do some work of your own. You are given tasks to do and shown sculptures to study. With your drawing book before you, you yourself will become the artist!

Studio RMO was created especially for children aged 8 to 12 and their parents. From 31 October 2017, curricula will be made available for lessons at primary and secondary schools. 

Due to work in adjoining rooms, Studio RMO is temporarily closed from 25 March to 27 April 2018.

Taking up the challenge in the drawing studio

They were hidden away in the museum’s storage places, in some cases for over a century: plaster copies of world-famous sculptures from antiquity. In Studio RMO you will find yourself facing masterpieces such as the Discus Thrower and the Venus de Milo, and see what sculptors were able to make thousands of years ago. Enter the exciting world of Greek mythology and in no time you will become an artist.

Greek art and mythology

Greek artists were amazing sculptors. What they liked to do most was to show beautiful or exciting episodes from mythological stories. For example: the god Apollo when he has just shot an arrow to kill the giant serpent Python, or the hero Hercules, resting after his adventures. Gods and goddesses, winged giants, creatures that are half man, half horse – you will meet them all. Some of these statues were placed in bathhouses or living rooms, while others were parts of enormous temples.

Copies of world-famous sculptures

A few centuries ago, the real, two-thousand-year-old Greek and Roman statues were rediscovered by archaeologists. They were placed on view in museums so that visitors could admire them. But suppose you lived far away from these museums? You could not look up the pictures on the internet or take a plane to see them: no such things existed! So people invented a trick: they made new sculptures in plaster that looked exactly like the real ones. You could make lots of them and send them wherever you wanted. That made it possible for people in Leiden to view a statue that stood in Rome. And in 2017 they can do so again, in Studio RMO