2 December 2009 until 5 September 2010

Exhibition 'Terracotta'Exhibition 'Terracotta'

You can enjoy a lovely selection of artistic and utilitarian objects made of terracotta from ancient Near East, Egypt, the classical world and ancient Netherlands in the exhibition 'Terracotta'. Millennia ago, sculptors and potters from ancient cultures created countless figures and objects of baked earth, i.e. terracotta. The many exquisite sculptures and objects in this exhibition are the proof: terracotta is baked earth at its most beautiful.

Beauty and finesse in terracotta

The 'Terracotta' exhibition consists of over a hundred objects including ornate Greek figures of women, architectural fragments, medieval toys, prehistoric animal figures and deities from Syria and Iraq. Keen attention has been paid to the positioning and lighting of the  terracotta items in the exhibition, ensuring that the beauty and finesse of the design and details are presented in their best light.

Terracotta gifts and symbols

Through the ages, terracotta figures fulfilled different functions in different cultures. They served as gifts to the gods, or as fertility symbols. They accordingly present a surprising picture of the religious customs, burial customs, fashions or home inventory of the time when they were made. You can see those widely varying functions in the themes of the exhibition. Special attention has been devoted to the techniques used and the craftsmanship of those who created all this wonderfulness from antiquity. This continues to be a source of inspiration for contemporary artists working with ceramics.