Sensaos: the girl behind the mummy

25 March until 16 August 1998

Sensaos: the girl behind the mummySensaos: the girl behind the mummy

The mummy of the Egyptian girl Sensaos was brought 'back to life' in 1998. With the use of modern scanning techniques, specialists gathered all necessary information about the shape of her head, and reproduced it.

Reconstructed head

The Egyptian girl Sensaos died in 109 AD, at the age of sixteen. In 1997, her mummy was examined by Philips employees by means of a special scanner. Based on their data, TNO Industries made a new wax skull, using a sort of 3D-printer. Then specialists of the University of Manchester moulded Sensaos’ face and coloured it.

In 1998, museum visitors could see the result of this fascinating project in a special exhibition. Now, the mummy of Sensaos and her reconstructed head can both be admired in the ‘Egyptians’ presentation.