Petra. Wonder in the Desert

9 October 2013 until 23 March 2014

Siq with a view of al-Khazneh temple (photo by Jane Taylor)Siq with a view of al-Khazneh temple (photo by Jane Taylor)
View of one of the exhibition roomsView of one of the exhibition rooms
Winged sphinxWinged sphinx
Relief with eagleRelief with eagle

A spectacular exhibition on Petra, Jordan’s hidden desert city. Petra, capital city of the ancient Nabataean people, is one of the wonders of the ancient world. With its monumental structures, temples, royal tombs and luxurious villas all hewn from the red rock, Petra is among the world’s finest in cultural history and archaeology.

150 archaeological and architectonic highlights

The exhibition displays over 150 archaeological and architectonic highlights from Petra, showing you the most stunning locations in the city. The siq, a narrow canyon, gives way to the city. Inside, we find buildings such as sanctuaries, villas, the treasury of al-Khazneh and a luxurious residence, all built on the slopes of the Umm al-Biyara massif. The exhibition’s displays exude the atmosphere of the awe-inspiring ruins and the desert to introduce visitors to the Nabataeans and their architecture, culture, art and religion. Never before have so many objects from Petra been on display in The Netherlands.

Eye-catchers: detailed sculpture from Petra

The eye-catcher of the exhibition is the collection of detailed sculpture decorating the city’s buildings. You will see reliefs with animals and plant motifs, portraits of gods, goddesses and mythical animals, life-size statues and gracefully carved columns. You will also find frescoes and pieces of finely painted Nabataean pottery. A 3-D installation brings the city back to life before your eyes, based on results from the most recent archaeological excavations.

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A flourishing capital in the desert

In antiquity, Petra was the capital city of the Nabataeans, who were nomadic in origin. Around two thousand years ago, they settled in an area corresponding to Israel, Saudi-Arabia and Jordan. Their awe-inspiring capital arose at the desert edge: Petra.

Exhibition charge €2.50
For the duration of the exhibition (9 October 2013 until 23 March 2014), there is an additional charge of €2.50 on admission for visitors over 18. This is only charged once, so save your ticket for future visits to the exhibition.

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Reservations for guided tours or group visits

  • Guided Tour (adult rate, with guide):
    €75 per hour / €90 per hour on Sundays
    (max. 25 pers., reservation required)
  • Group visits (adult rate, without guide):
    €2 discount for visitors over 18
    (10 pers. minimum, reservation required)
Most beautiful sites in PetraPhotographs of exceptional buildings and locations
Exhibition highlightsDescriptions of 16 of the 150 objects
Petra. I was hereYour photo on the ‘Petra: I was here’ photo wall