Down town

8 April 2004 until 9 January 2005

Down townDown town

The 'Down town' exhibition has been prolonged until 9 January 2005. It shows what urban archaeologists discover behind old walls and under the worn-down cobblestones of Dutch cities: a dagger, monkey, gold ring, misshapen pottery plates or a notched stick. In 'Down Town', the objects tell the story of the history and development of our cities. A unique exhibition with more than two hundred finds that amaze, fascinate and sometimes even cause an emotional reaction. 

Objects found in Dutch cities

Terrific and sometimes remarkable objects have been found in many Dutch cities. Often they are centuries old. In Alkmaar, Maastricht, Zutphen, Utrecht, Amsterdam or Breda: everywhere the ground surrenders its secrets, in places where there is demolition, renovation or construction.

'Down town' takes you along to a scene where you could imagine yourself somewhere where the ground of a city has been broken open. That is the ideal place for urban archaeologists to work, where they find the most diverse objects, pieces of puzzles from the great story of the history of Dutch cities.

'Down town' was created in conjunction with the Dutch Association of Municipal Archaeologists, to celebrate their 25-year anniversary. The exhibition was also made possible by a contribution from the Cultural Fund of the Bank of Dutch Municipalities.