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Press releases and press photos:

27 Nov 2014  Exhibition on ancient city of Carthage

15 Apr 2014  New exhibition: Golden Middle Ages

21 Feb 2014  Curator of Dutch National Museum of Antiquities appointed Director of Egyptian Museum in Turin

14 Oct 2011  New exhibition: 'Etruscans: Eminent Women, Powerful Men'

21 Apr 2011  New exhibition 'Trade Goods ans Souvenirs' starting 21 April 2011

13 Apr 2011  New exhibition 'Sisi and Wilhelm II' starting 13 April 2011

29 Jul 2010  New exhibition: 'Egyptian Magic' starting 16 October 2010

15 Apr 2010  New exhibition 'At first sight' starting 28 April 2010

24 Nov 2009  'Terracotta': one of two new winter exhibitions starting 2 December

24 Nov 2009  'The Egypt of Gustave Flaubert': one of two new winter exhibitions starting 2 December

15 Jun 2009  Spectacular discovery of first-ever Dutch Neanderthal

9 Apr 2009  New exhibition: 'Dorestad. World City in the Middle Ages'

17 Dec 2008  New exhibition: 'Beyond the Horizon'

18 Sep 2008  New exhibition: 'Iran: a bird's-eye view'