First stage of renovation on schedule

22 September 2015

Statues of Roman emperors are moved because of the renovationStatues of Roman emperors are moved because of the renovation
New permanent exhibition 'The Classical World'New permanent exhibition 'The Classical World'

The renovation of the National Museum of Antiquities is proceeding smoothly and according to plan. Since mid-September 2015, the entire museum has been asbestos-free. The asbestos behind the walls of the Tempelzaal and under the floor of the first-floor ‘balcony’ has been removed. The first stage of renovation, which began in May, has now been completed.

Exhibition galleries to be refurbished

Starting in mid-September, the Tempelzaal will be cleared out and restored to its former condition. The exhibition galleries on the first floor will also be renovated and house new displays. From then on, the first-floor balcony will host our temporary exhibitions. The rooms that have been in use as temporary exhibition spaces will house the permanent exhibition of the Greek collection. The galleries holding the Roman and Etruscan collections will also be refurbished and redecorated. Together, the Greek, Roman, and Etruscan galleries will then form our new permanent exhibition The Classical World.

Museum to reopen on 8 December 2015

In this first stage of renovation, the work is proceeding according to plan. If there are no setbacks in the months ahead, the museum will reopen to the public on Tuesday 8 December 2015. The following parts of the museum will then be accessible:

  • the Tempelzaal, including the museum shop and café
  • the new permanent exhibition The Classical World
  • the previously renovated permanent exhibitions: The Dutch and the Ancient Near East and The Archaeology of the Netherlands
  • and the permanent exhibition The Netherlands in Roman Times.

Two smaller temporary exhibitions will also be on show: Human Life along the Meuse and Engraved Gems.

The second and third stages of renovation in 2016

The second stage of renovation will be completed in April 2016, when the newly refurbished first-floor balcony will host the temporary exhibition Egypt, Land of Immortality. Two other temporary exhibitions will also open in mid-April 2016: The Roman Coast and Unsheathing History. The last stage of renovation in the National Museum of Antiquities will be finished in October 2016, after which the renovated Egyptian galleries will house a brand new permanent exhibition on Egypt. The opening of these galleries is scheduled for October 2016.