Lecture about temporary buildings in ancient Egypt

6 October 2010

Lecture 'Between Ephemeral and Permanent: Architectural forms and their environments'Lecture 'Between Ephemeral and Permanent: Architectural forms and their environments'

Academic lecture, organized by the Faculty of Egyptology of the University of Leiden. The lecture will be given in English by John Baines, Professor of Egyptology at the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the University of Oxford and Fellow of The Queen's College. His has published widely on Egyptian art, literature, religion, self-presentation, the position of writing in Egyptian society, and modelling social forms.

Between Ephemeral and Permanent: Architectural forms and their environments

Ancient Egypt is known for its great monuments, but how central were they to the concerns of Egyptians in general? Many architectural forms are based on models drawn from organic and ephemeral materials, and temporary buildings are depicted widely in tombs and temples, as well as being mentioned in texts. This lecture explores evidence for temporary buildings, organic materials used in building and decoration, and meanings and practices associated with them. The ancient Egyptians probably lived in a richer, more colourful, and symbolically more complex environment than we often tend to think.

  • Date: Wednesday 6 October 2010
  • Start: 15.15 hours (3.15 p.m.)
  • Location: 1st floor museum ('Caesarzaal')
  • Entrance fee: free (except entry museum)
  • Language: English