23 Apr 2015  Museum temporarily closed from 11 May onwards

27 Jan 2015  International conference: The Canino Connections

18 Dec 2014  Anthony Everitt gives lecture about Augustus and Carthage

29 Nov 2014  Lecture: Carthage and Tunisia in the Christian Period

31 May 2014  Night of the Violin

21 Feb 2014  Curator Christian Greco appointed director of Egyptian Museum Turin

14 Feb 2014  Donation: medieval knife decorated with scenes of love

23 Jan 2014  Lecture: Petra as a World Heritage Property

10 Dec 2013  National Museum of Antiquities featured on Google website with Street View and Gigapixel

28 Nov 2013  Major addition to Greek collection: portrait sculpture from Cyprus

9 Oct 2013  Princess Beatrix opens Petra exhibition

8 Nov 2012  Major works on Google Art Project