Highlights of the exhibition

Lion sculptureOriginating from Central Turkey (circa 1850 B.C.)
Sailing into the ever afterOriginating from Asyut in Egypt (3500-3100 B.C.)
Cylinder with inscriptionOriginating from Marad in Southern Iraq (circa 580 B.C.)
Charging bullOriginating from Tarente in Italy (circa 450-425 B.C.)
Nike, goddess of victoryOriginating from Myrina in Anatolia (circa 210-200 B.C.)
Cock on wheelsOriginating from Ephesus in Turkey (3rd century B.C.)
Eros cocks his bowOriginating from Myrina in Anatolia (circa 200-100 B.C.)
Rattle from a child’s graveOriginating from Nijmegen (25-75 A.D.)
Bottle hoofed animalOriginating from Nijmegen (1st century A.D.)
Copy of the SpinarioOriginating from Voorburg-Arentsburg (1st century A.D.)