Photographic service

Photographic servicePhotographic service

The museum’s photographers are in charge of an extensive photographic archive. For the greater part, this archive consists of photographs taken of objects from the museum’s collection and excavation projects. The oldest recordings date from about a hundred years ago and are kept on glass plates.

Requests and charges

The museum charges a fee, depending on the reasons you have for requesting the photograph:

  • scientific reasons
  • non-specialist reasons
  • commercial reasons

So please indicate why you are requesting a particular photograph. In addition to your request, give your address, describe the photograph and indicate the archive number and the way you would like to receive it (as a photograph, a slide or – if available – as a digital photograph). Allow for a delivery time of about three weeks.


To request for photographs or information on charges, contact the museum’s photographic service:
phone: (+31) (0)71 - 5 163 163
send an e-mail

Media relations can contact the museum’s PR and Communications Department for recent press photographs. Go to press information on this site.