Lending policy

Lending policyLending policy

Lending temporarily limited while depots move

Currently, the National Museum of Antiquities is carrying out a large-scale depot transfer. Significant portions of the collections from the depot will be temporarily unavailable to borrow or study as a result.

Rules for requesting loans

The National Museum of Antiquities manages a large collection of archaeological objects. The museum likes to lend those objects because it is impossible to display or study everything ourselves. In principle, only professionals can borrow objects from the collection, for example for exhibitions or studies. There are some conditions connected with borrowing objects:

  • Your written application to borrow something must be submitted no later than four months before the effective date (preferably even sooner), otherwise the museum cannot make preparations in time. This could include finding the objects in the depot, drafting a lending contract, drafting condition reports, arranging for transport, etc.
  • Each application must include an itemised object list and a facility report. Provide information on the location(s) of the exhibition, display cases present, safety measures and other relevant information.

Within a month of receipt of your application, you will receive information on whether or not you have been approved to borrow the items. You will also receive the conditions connected with the loan in the area of safety, for example, or climate conditions. In addition, we will provide a statement of the expected costs for such matters as insurance, transport, handling or preservation.


For more information or to submit an application to borrow items, contact Heikki Pauts, registrar of the National Museum of Antiquities: