Collection data and images from the National Museum of Antiquities are freely available for reuse by developers under a Creative Commons license. Object descriptions (metadata) are available under a CC0 licence. The images (content) are made available under a CC BY licence. This means that you are permitted to copy, adapt, distribute, or perform this material without permission from the National Museum of Antiquities. We would appreciate being mentioned as the source of the material. The correct citation form is: National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden.

Permanent presentationsThe best from the collection, always on display
HighlightsHighlights of the museum's collections
AcquisitionsRecent acquisitions for the museum's collections
Search collectionOnline data base with ca. 67,000 objects (in Dutch)
Objects on loanLoans for exhibitions or for research purposes
HistoryThe story about the museum and its collection
Photo serviceRequesting professional photos from the collection