mummiehouder; mummie; zoogdierdownloadmummiehouder; mummie; zoogdier
mummiehouder; mummie; zoogdierdownloadmummiehouder; mummie; zoogdier


Cat mummy enclosed inside a wooden figure serving as a sarcophagus. The figure depicts a cat seated on a base. The base has the shape of the hieroglyph sA 'protection', with a straight front, flaring sides and a rounded contour at the rear. Its height amounts to 6.2 cm and its top has a 3.5 cm deep socket surrounded by a low ridge in which the figure was inserted. The cat's tail, which curves forward around the right side, has been cut as an integral part of the base. The cat is seated upright with the front legs straight down and the rear legs hardly indicated. The front legs are depicted as adhering to the body. The outline of the body is rather stylized, but the head shows a lot of detail in incised lines (borders and vertical striations in the ears, curved eyebrows, double rims around the eyes, recessed nostrils, incised whiskers, philtrum and mouth). The tips of the ears have a brown hue, the rest of figure and base are covered in white gesso, the face between brows and mouth is gilded. There are black pupils, a black scarab on the forehead, and a black string of painted beads with red wedjat pendant around the neck. The whole body has probably been cut from a single block of wood, then sawn in two halves along the central axis, and hollowed out to contain the mummy. The front legs were added as separate pieces of wood, fixed by means of the gesso, some splints of wood, and linen. The much decayed mummy inside has a cylindrical shape with a bend at the head end (length 21, width 5.4, depth 6.8 cm). It has been wrapped in concentric bandages of a dark brown colour. One side has preserved parts of two longitudinal bandages of paler colour (medium-fine warp-faced tabby weave, about 12 x 34 threads/cm2).






mummiehouder; mummie; zoogdier


hout ; mummie ; linnen


41 x 32,5 x 14,8 cm




cat. Leemans N 12
cat. Boeser E.XLV.8
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