Schaal; beschilderd; bark



schaal ; beschilderd ; bark
Vignette: White ink representation of a bark, facing right (h. 7.8 cm). Vertical prow and sickle-shaped stern with single steering-oar and rudder-post, both butts ending in falcon heads. The boat carries a standing stick-shaped figure of Re, falcon-headed with tripartite wig, with left hand forward holding was, right hand down, crowned with disc encircled by uraeus and clothed in short kilt; behind him an enthroned figure of Osiris, mummiform with hedjet, uraeus, and curved divine beard, tassel, plain collar, and crossed stola, both fists grasping was. This bark is flanked by two antithetic solar barks (h. 9 and 7 cm) with wickerwork fender draped over prow, surmounted by squatting child (left) and unclear element (right) between papyrus stalks; sickle-shaped stern with single steering-oar and rudder-post, all butts ending in falcon heads. The boats carry the following elements: stick-shaped figure of Isis, both arms down, crowned with the sign of her name; vaulted cabin; hatched butt with a notched palm-rib flanked by two papyrus stalks with falcons, execution instrument (Sign-list T 18), stick-shaped figure of Nephthys, both arms down, crowned with the sign of her name. Rectangular pools of water (Sign-list N 39) under all three barks.
Caption: White ink, two captions identifying the gods in the central bark. Texts: Hor[akhte?] and Osiris. Two captions for the two solar barks: The morning bark and the evening bark.
Docket: None.
Condition: Ring-base chipped, two cracks in bottom, pale discolorations and white stains around rim, some wear and scratches on interior by stacking, white ink slightly faded.


AT 98.A1








11,7 x 31,5 cm


Late Periode ; Ptolemaeëntijd ; 400-200 v.Chr.




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